A theory of the world and maybe a way to test it.

Created October 30. 2013.
Last updated September 6. 2013.

I may have an idea about how to detect how an intelligent influence from an unseen dimension can influence the world we see, if there is such an influence? But it is only a start and if there can be perceived useful applications on the horizon once started this new field could maybe take off, into now for the most part unimagined territory, as basic research gets a reason to be performed and as businesses and high IQ people are drawn in.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise - YouTube

Pretty good video. However, there may sometimes be a tiny telekinetic force less than 1 pico volt within 1/1000 of a second in an electrical resistance, if one try to concentrate on modifying a graph for example? Due to the butterfly effect, even a varying voltage of less than 1 pico volt several places locally if it is controlled with high precision can lead the entire world in a particular direction. For example if it also happens in the human brain.

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

I actually think that we ought to investigate more seriously in this area. Perhaps extending the results from Princeton University, if we can? I could imagine a study of correlations among one million (or maybe just 5 for a start) independent electronic noise generators at varying distances from each other. Many of them with an electric field of 12000 volts per millimetre as seen in human neurons. But maybe a zener diode can do. The electric field could amplify the influence of the quantum fluctuations on the macroscopic world. One could use convolutions and Fourier transformations of the noise signals from the individual noise generators after they have passed trough an AD converter and sum over a lot of time to discover whether it in this way can be detected whether the mind can influence matter or not. One could try to detect different patters in the correlations between the signals from the noise generators repeatedly arises dependent dependent on different intentions an experimenter tries to influence the many noise generators with. One could use pattern recognition software, maybe neural networks or genetic algorithms or maybe other computational methods. The mind can maybe influence the matter in the brain while not being the brain entirely at the same time.

There are many butterflies and a place somewhere on the globe, on a flower a butterfly is sitting right now that can determine whether there is a hurricane or no wind at all at a specific date some years in the future at CERN depending on whether it moves its wings a little in a specific way or do not, ceteris paribus ( all else being equal ). If you control only this butterfly's wings and are very knowledgeable, and can change the direction and amount of movement of the wings you can create a specific pattern of wind speeds on a specific date some years in the future across the Earth, within the limits of the physical laws. If one butterfly is not enough, you can use several at different times and design the pattern of winds on the Globe as you wish some years in advance, again ceteris paribus. Perhaps by controlling the quantum fluctuations in the butterfly's brains, to let them want to do something specific of their own volition perhaps?

Likewise, one or more quantum fluctuations can design a pattern of firing neurons in the brain a fraction of a second in advance. This can be a way one or more higher intelligences affect the world or are giving good advice or bad advice, in a way that is not easily to verify or disproved of by scientific measurements yet, but maybe we can if we try. Is there intelligent design in action in our daily lives? Perhaps our consciousness lives independent of the brain and can learn to influence the physical brain by controlling the quantum fluctuations in its particular brain. We have no good explanation for that consciousness arises only by means of many neurons alone.

I would also say that it does not right now seem like we are in an optimal reality and that has hardly been the case ever on Earth, or? However, it seems as though the speed of evolution and the development of technology increases in some sort of an exponential manner. What this leads to is probably a good question? Probably something we do not imagine or can imagine, but perhaps a state with exactly the same physical laws as now. What can we achieve with the laws of physics that we have now one may ask? Are there other universes with different physical laws we can ask too?

I really like James Randi in some ways, as he really has debunked much fraud and falsehood. Real scientists exclude with scientific measurements the wrong theories! He does not exclude anything paranormal but have just not been able to detect it in a scientific way with the $US 1 million he will give out should it happen. Is the time used by James Randi for candidates for the price too short for the Princeton measurements to provide a positive result at his foundation?

If humans can affect the electrical noise in a resistor then higher evolved beings can too and probably animals too, and there must be higher evolved beings elsewhere in the universe whose ancestors were on our technological level and intelligence level a long long time ago.

I think that a world where everything is just particles and forces is missing something. Can animals and humans be explained solely by being advanced robots with a reluctance to cease to exist and a desire to reproduce?

Should the second law of thermodynamics not make it impossible to have ever more advanced scientific and correct theories being developed in analogue information processing devices such as the brain? This is something other than the digital increase of order, if you will, that we see in genomes. There errors are located locally and can therefore be removed if the individuals carrying them will not have offspring. I'm not aware of any systems that are not digital that can accumulate order by itself over time. Refrigerators for instance are broken sooner or later.

What in our current scientific understanding should be able to develop better and better scientific theories in brains, which is what we observe happening, in brains that are analogue information processing devices if it were not from an influence that we have not yet described scientifically?

Should it not really happen that all scientific theories and one's own understanding of them should get worse with time due to the second law of thermodynamics, there are far more wrong scientific theories than right ones, if there existed nothing but particles and the forces between them?

Can all this indicate an influence of one or more intelligences that surpasses our own or is there another explanation? One should research more on this I think.

Here are 3 smart people about heaven and higher powers :

Bobby Fischer talks about God, Religion and Love - YouTube Blocked, rather sad.

Intelligent design and evolution | Evolution and natural selection | Khan Academy Salman Khan

The man with 200 IQ - Video Dailymotion Chris Langan

Carrie from 1976 is art, a film that on the free market grossed $US 33.8 million and had a budget of $US 1.8 million. Art, the market has recognized and also means more to me than most of the publicly funded art.

The film about Carrie in 1976 did influence me and maybe I will see the new movie, but telekinesis on the scale we saw in the movie we probably do not see in the the real world yet, but who knows, maybe one day it will become a reality?

And maybe we will, if and when that time comes, avoid the destiny of the of the Krell in the movie “Forbidden Planet” from 1956 without being dependent of machinery of this world.

Could it be an so far undiscovered order, in the seemingly random quantum fluctuations, that over time creates for instance better and better imprints of better and better scientific theories in the brains of scientists and lay people. If so should these quantum fluctuation not be able over time, to make the most perfect imprint of the best scientific theory any analogue brain should be able to hold in this world?

There may be tremendous information encoded in the randomness of quantum fluctuations? It is the most compressed computer files that looks most random until they are decompressed by the right key.