My theory of the world.

Created April 16. 2013.
Last updated May 15, 2013.

Milton Friedman was an agnostic and not an atheist.

He did not know where his ideas came from but thought they were a product of the evolutionary process.

I can agree with that in the sense that I believe in a form of intelligent design. But not in the sense that I think the bacterial flagellum motor has been designed in 1 instant.

But in the sense that a more advanced world constantly affect this world to move in an evolutionary forward direction.

I for example do not believe that neural networks which destroys information if a network must be trained by another, like taking a Xerox copy, can explain such things as scientific advances. And certainly not when there are also random noise from quantum mechanical processes which will destroy the information in the neural networks too. There must be something more than random quantum mechanical processes and neural networks to explain the forward evolution in the animal world.

Here it is maybe useful to in the following to keep in mind that the most compressed information for instance in digital files also is the information that looks most random.

My theory that I do not know in what degree will agree with the science of the future is based on the idea of transformations, that I may have experienced once in my youth. I did not experience 10^33 or more transformations each second, but extrapolate.

We are in this world where transformations appears to be slow. Houses are torn down and new ones built on the time scale of months and years. People experience emotional transformations, a feeling change into another over time and can be a mixture of several emotions at multiple levels.

I think that perhaps there is another realm or world, where emotional transformations are happening at a much faster rate than here on Earth and is controlled by a far greater intelligence and power than people have achieved so far. The transformation to 1 state of feeling to another, maybe never seen before is most marvelous and mysterious. These transformations will affect the physical world and our brains, which is part of the physical world. If one measures electronic noise naively one will not expect to see those transformations influence any more than, when a pixel is measured 1 time each 10^20 years or so at a fixed random place on a very durable computer monitor showing tv-programs of the absolute highest quality all the time, one will expect to see a pattern in that pixels color and brightness.

However, one may well perhaps be able to measure something, because those divine TV-programs are interactive and change according to our wishes:

I think the brain might be better to capture the electric noise signals resulting from the higher worlds emotional transformations than an electrical resistance is. The training of the neural networks in the brain are not done mutually by each other only assisted by sensual input, but they are trained by a higher world. This and other effects from the higher world is among, other phenomena, responsible for the biological evolution that evidently happens around us all the time.

Now you may ask, can very rapid transformations done by a powerful intelligence in a higher world even on the tiniest of scales have much impact at all on events in this world?

Density variations in the cosmic microwave background radiation that has defined where there are galaxies and in general much of how galaxies have evolved, took place as quantum fluctuations about 10^-33 seconds after the Big Bang.

Though now it may turn out that inflation did not happen and that there were at pre Big Bang period, perhaps a Big Crunch? 4:50 into this video until 6:30.

I think it is possible that these variations in CMBR are imprints and part of the plan for the universe and its living beings that was developed with them and for them, before the Big Bang in a universe that experienced perhaps a Big Crunch prior to the Big Bang. These quantum fluctuations may be a result caused by the higher world's emotional transformations frozen out approx. 10-33 seconds after the Big Bang and is not at all a complete description of them, but merely an imprint of the states of the transformations on this world, a world which do not hold any feelings by itself, before 10^-33 seconds after the Big Bang, whose result was frozen out by the expansion of the universe. I think it is highly likely that the emotional transformations in the higher world are still made with the same accuracy as those that coursed the density variations the universe 10^-33 seconds after the Big Bang so that the plans for the evolution of living beings could be realized later, in maybe the most appropriate ways?

Evolution now appears to happen faster and faster the higher a life form one is. Not much happens to worms and bacteria. But to humans more happen. Maybe evolution speeds up the more a living being experiences those transformations of the higher world, but maybe there are other things that matters here too?

Now we will have wait to see what the future of science can tell, about My Theory of the World?

Here is more that have inspired my contemplations to write the above: