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False information

Maybe all of the paranormal speculation on this page is false but maybe some of it is not. I suspect it may one day be possible to get more scientific data on this. Surely many paranormal claims are false and much religion is also not true. I just think the right way forward is to investigate paranormal and religious claims scientifically to get to a conclusion about what is true and what is false. I think that it is not a correct statement to say that consciousness is the result of electrical and chemical processes in the brain, so I think that one has to make other hypothesis, later to be scientifically investigated to describe the nature of consciousness and its reality.

There seems to be a taboo among many scientists against that kind of research but if some kinds of proofs are found it could lead to amazing new fields of science.

A taboo in science?

There may be some evidence for much that is placed in the paranormal realm and what many scientists refrain from discussing in public:

"Science and the taboo of psi" with Dean Radin - YouTube, Google Tech Talks
Maybe this link gives some evidence for the paranormal.

Many many paranormal claims actually most of them must be false because of these prices that have not been claimed by anyone. Dean Radin claims that the effect is so week that there is no time to prove it in the JREF million dollar test?

Why has not anybody claimed James Randi's Million dollar challenge? The mediums wants to get money in other ways:
One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

There are many other prices too:
List of prizes for evidence of the paranormal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On the other hand the brain does not seem to be able to generate consciousness or the illusion thereof.
Maybe reality could be very different from what the mediums say and also different from what the scientists, who does not believe in any existence of a being except because of the brain, say?

I am also intrigued about a small but apparently detectable connection between mind and matter reported to have been found in the Global Consciousness Project:
GCP on NBC11 KNTV - YouTube
For a soul to influence a earthly body like much of religion is about, seems to require a mind matter connection. Supporters and sceptics have referred to the aim of the GCP as being analogous to detecting "a great disturbance in The Force".

An idea for an experiment

We have: A personality independent of the body exists -> that personality decides on an act -> non random weak electric signals occur in the brain -> the body performs the wish of the personality existing independently of the body.

I am not aware of an on the spot repeatable scientific method to deduce the other way. That is from the acts of the body to deduce the existence of an of the earthly body independent personality. The experiment I here describe is for proving that there is non randomness in electric noise brought about by a visible personality that are in all known ways isolated from influencing electric noise in another way than the PEAR LAB has done it. If that can occur in an electric circuit in all positions close to and outside the brain it is reasonable to assume that it also can occur in the brain. This experiment does not prove the existence of a personality existing independently of the earthly body being able to make electric noise non random because all the personalities we can be sure to ask to influence the electric noise are in an earthly body. More experiments will have to be made to prove that some parts of a persons personality survives death. But I don't have the resources to make the experiments I have in mind regarding that. Others may also have better ideas than me to construct such experiments. It is with today's technology probably impossible to measure the difference between random and non random electric noise in the brain because everything in the brain is connected and it seems impossible to measure all routes to and from a location in the brain to distinguish any local non random thermal electric noise apart from signals going to and from that location. An intention to raise the arm for example could be performed when many correlated non random events of a chemical and electric nature that should not exist according to scientific theory, happens in many different locations in the brain simultaneously and are added, routed and amplified by the brains neural network in a way that leads to the raising of the arm.

My idea is to amplify random electric noise from resistors. My plan is to make 4 to 16 independent electric noise generators. Then I plan to convert those analog electric noise channels to digital format using A/D conversion and save the data in files on a computer. I plan to make a neural network in the computer in such a way that it using input from the noise sources, accomplices to plot a graph that goes up when I intent it to go up and at the same time goes down when I intent it to go down. If that is possible using data that the neural network has not been trained on I have accomplished my goal. I plan to use a genetic algorithm using populations of neural networks to evolve a neural network that distinguish patterns in the electric noise, that reveals whether I was intending the graph to go up or down. It is my hope to be able to increase the signal from my intention influencing the direction of the plotted chart beyond what is accomplished by using just 1 electronic true random bit generator. It is beyond my resources to make millions of independent electric noise generators close together in space, say within 10 cm of each other and to evolve neural networks to interpret non random signals from these electric noise generators but that is my suggestion for improving on my experiment. Others may come up with better ideas?

Is electronic noise (Johnson-Nyquist noise (Thermal noise), Shot noise and other electronic noise sources) at least sometimes (maybe all the time) a language we don't yet have the technology or intelligence to decode and understand?

Could it in time be possible to receive among other things, pictures, movies or sounds from places not in the ordinary visible universe by interpreting electronic noise from increasingly improved structures with increasingly sophisticated software, if maybe beings not from the ordinary visible universe would decide to influence such structures? I don't know but I could suspect that a number of low hanging fruits, could be plucked initially if a lot of high IQ people would become attracted to this or similar areas of research. Maybe practical applications that people would like to purchase could begin to be produced and that would I guess draw more people in to field.

I can also imagine the production of better brains than humans now have by use of the above loosely described technology, which differs from the application of genetic design and synthesis to make better brains.

This could lead to android bodies not simply only controlled by more and more advanced software but by beings from other dimensions.

Speculation? Yes sure and but it may be pale to even more fantastic unexpected results that may follow using this approach, like when a new kind of telescope first glimpses new electromagnetic wave lengths, like when technological and scientific breakthroughs are made, are started to be used and evolves.

The current scientific model

Consider the current mainstream scientific model for a human and humanity. In both instances, a network of connected neural networks and that is all. As I understand it, when a neural network learns something it can never learn it fully so the information is always degraded. If 1 neural network trains another the information is degraded when passed on to the other neural network. What could be the mechanism to reverse the degradation and in so doing improve on what is passed on from 1 neural network to another? That situation is not the same as for genomes. I have not ever seen an explanation on how that could happen in neural networks.

In a genome the degraded or improved information is localized to specific places on the genome since it is digital in nature. The random changes that sometimes occurs to a genome most of the time degrade it, but sometimes improves it. Because the information is digital in a genome the recombination can isolate the bad mutations in some organisms that then on average gets fewer offspring than when the original information is copied into a new genomes in new organisms. An "improved" genome on average per definition gets even more offspring than the original genome. But with neural networks the information can never be as good as the original when copying one part of a network to another network since there are no way to make a copy that are not degraded compared to the original when dealing with neural networks. Now could the input from the outside world in the sensory information be what prevents the degradation? I can't think of any other explanation given the view that only the observable universe with its know laws exists. Such a claim to me will be an extraordinary claim that calls for extraordinary evidence. There must instead be a more direct infusion of better information into the brain most of, if not all the time it seems to me. It could be from the visible outside world using currently unknown scientific laws or it could be from an invisible realm or realms that contains the information in finished form already. So I say that I believe it is possible that for instance the science of tomorrow is already finished and ready in another realm and from there are copied to this world where it then appears that science improves over time. Maybe the perfection of knowledge and insight are already finished and what we need to do is to make progress is to uncover more and more of it without loosing the way in futile quests not relying on the scientific method to prove what seems to be true before moving on to even more true insights.

Maybe this is a little bit like Plato's theory of Forms and theory of Ideas? I don't know, since I am not well versed in Plato. But I understand that these higher ideas of Justice, Beauty, Courage, Temperance, etc. cannot be known to Plato, but I think they can in time and that may be what evolution is about. It is not simply Darwinian evolution but a kind of intelligent design influencing the evolutionary process. It seems that Darwinian evolution alone can not account for the improvement of science, since for instance scientific information over time would simply degrade and decline left to neural nets and sensory input alone.

To me it seems that the current mainstream model of science predicts a decline in science. There is apart from that also no explanation on how connected neural networks produce consciousness or the illusion thereof. I would in fact expect an immediate, sudden and total collapse of at least human and higher animal activities and consciousness if the current mainstream model would become true.

At least Albert Einstein and others may be right that a purely statistical quantum mechanical description of the reality we see around us, may not be entirely correct: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research


Some though experiments about death and salvation

No paranormal evidence has so far been strong enough to claim a money price, at the same time the brain does not seem capable to produce consciousness by itself.

What would be the difference in the experience of a person who really dies and whose brain is decomposed and a person whose brain is cooled down non destructively with anti freeze in it, so that all measurable activity in that brain ceases? There could maybe be no difference dependent on which of those 2 situations are actual.

If some people are put in stasis like that and are transported to another place more than 1000 light years away were they are "unfrozen" again, their usual individual states and group states of affairs are likely too return to what they where before departure I think. At the same time, if they are not only the brain alone something else must provide the rest. That something else could be just the same those many light years away as on Earth? I think it is, like the laws of physics. That something else than the brain, should be able to animate whatever being however highly evolved in the universe, to get the same consciousness all places in the universe.

It should within a 100 years from now begin to be possible, to transform animals to humans and both animals and humans to even higher beings than humans. By higher beings I mean beings with higher IQ, more powerful and capable of living in principle indefinitely until maybe the heat death of the universe. It could be that a transformation of the DNA and body is not enough to make an animal into a human, but should it not be according to current science? But are there other until now, hidden realms of nature that also needs transformation for successfully transforming an animal into a human and even higher beings, Should it not be possible to develop such a technology as well at a later time? Could salvation be to get access to such a developing technology or an already fully developed technology of such description? Why the delay of millions of years before such technology is developed? In those millions of years an enormous amount of suffering is experienced by living beings for instance on a planet before the time at which the technology of salvation is developed and there must be many such planets? Why the wait because should it not in theory already be possible to animate the highest beings that can possibly exist at every place in the universe?

What does a person experience in a state of deep stasis where the metabolism is maybe 1 million times slower that normal? Can one survive such stasis indefinitely if proper fuel and oxygen is given? Can a person be resuscitated in principle no matter however long such a stasis lasts?

What is the full description of that which is able to animate all beings in the universe at all places in the universe and of a technology of salvation? Were Jesus talking about that?

Brave Little Barn Swallow tries to fly through a closed window. 240 FPS slow motion. - YouTube
Five Star - The Slightest Touch - YouTube LET THE MIRACLE OF SCIENCE CHANGE YOU
Kool & The Gang - Fresh - YouTube Cinderella's life got transformed too.
Pinocchio - I've got no strings - YouTube Pinocchio also got animated by something MORE

The Psyleron device

It is interesting if it is possible to affect true random number generators without knowing in detail the design of the devices. Could this mean that dreams and wished have a tendency to come true without one knowing the mechanisms involved in them coming true?

If one can wish for more 1's than 0's from a true random number generator without knowing the mechanism that makes this happen, I would expect that investigating and uncovering in detail the mechanism and get to know that mechanism about how the mere wish is coming true could be a brand new field of science and few if any humans can predict the long term value of that science.

I have gotten a REG from Psyleron and have begun to see if I can detect the effect that intention high (more 1's) should make the graph go up and intention low (more 0's) should make the graph go down. I have had to make my own software to combine all of my trials in 1 chart and so far I don't see the expected effect and it would probably not have been possible to detect an effect already if only 0.02% of the random bits from the true random number generator can be influenced with ones intention. That should take hundreds of millions of random bits. Here is what I got so far. There is an anomaly in the opposite direction for intention low in the second run but it should be over the 0.001 line for a long time to be significant:

2nd runs:
What I got so far
1st Runs:
What I got so far

The Buddha

The Buddha is said to have discovered and thought these 4 Noble Truths:

1. The noble truth of suffering.
2. The noble truth of the origin of suffering.
3. The noble truth of the cessation of suffering.
4. The noble truth of the way leading to the cessation of suffering.

The notion that everything is impermanent in the Buddhist teaching gives suffering here another dimension, that lasting security and satisfaction is not to be found within the cycle of rebirth, that spans many aeons of cosmic contraction and expansion. It's only a matter of time until a happy or seemingly secure situation are swept away and a new situation presents itself. Later there can always be the possibility for situations of suffering in the typical meaning of the word, when one finds oneself in another situation with another identity. The exception is when one has become destined for enlightenment and no downfall to eons of suffering lies ahead.
Are these 2 similarities between Buddhism and science fakes, coincidence or did The Buddha really know something? Did he truly know about the escape from the cycle of rebirth? No doubt many hundred of years of oral transmission must have changed the Suttas some, still there are some striking similarities.

Pubbenivasanussatinana It here seems that what is translated into eons of cosmic contraction and expansion literally translated is: many kappas of rolling on forward and rolling backward. Maybe other places in the pali cannon the reason to translate that to many aeons of cosmic contraction and expansion is found, but I am not aware of where? But it is an established fact that a kappa is a very long span of time.


I recollected my manifold past lives, i.e., one birth, two... five, ten... fifty, a hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand, many eons of cosmic contraction, many eons of cosmic expansion, many eons of cosmic contraction & expansion: 'There I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I re-arose there. There too I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure & pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I re-arose here.' Thus I remembered my manifold past lives in their modes & details.

I saw — by means of the divine eye, purified & surpassing the human — beings passing away & re-appearing, and I discerned how they are inferior & superior, beautiful & ugly, fortunate & unfortunate in accordance with their kamma: 'These beings — who were endowed with bad conduct of body, speech & mind, who reviled noble ones, held wrong views and undertook actions under the influence of wrong views — with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in the plane of deprivation, the bad destination, the lower realms, in hell. But these beings — who were endowed with good conduct of body, speech, & mind, who did not revile noble ones, who held right views and undertook actions under the influence of right views — with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in the good destinations, in the heavenly world.' Thus — by means of the divine eye, purified & surpassing the human — I saw beings passing away & re-appearing, and I discerned how they are inferior & superior, beautiful & ugly, fortunate & unfortunate in accordance with their kamma.

I discerned, as it had come to be, that 'This is stress... This is the origination of stress... This is the cessation of stress... This is the way leading to the cessation of stress... These are fermentations... This is the origination of fermentations... This is the cessation of fermentations... This is the way leading to the cessation of fermentations.' My heart, thus knowing, thus seeing, was released from the fermentation of sensuality, released from the fermentation of becoming, released from the fermentation of ignorance. With release, there was the knowledge, 'Released.' I discerned that 'Birth is ended, the holy life fulfilled, the task done. There is nothing further for this world.'

Buddha approximately 500 BC                       
From: MN 4, Bhaya-bherava Sutta: Fear & Terror
Much like the Big Bounce theory of the universe: big bounce universe - Google Search
Here is an article by Martin Bojowald himself: Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe's Birth: Scientific American
Here maybe the universe suffers the heat death after a long expansion and we maybe read what happens to a being in that universe.
Brahma-gâla Sutta: Chapter 2


This Sutta describes the end of the Earth much like modern science (Video: The Future of Our Sun), that states the sun will grow so that it's surface is outside the Earth's orbit.
Buddhist Sutra - The Sermon Of The Seven Suns

Here is an audio file that describes how some living beings on Earth get to another planet before the Earth is burnt away: Course 8: CLASS EIGHT: Description of Time and Space, Cycles of Eons

Can you remember, perhaps many, episodes from your previous human like existences on other planets or other dimensions in this eon of a cosmic expansion or in some previous eon of either a cosmic contraction or expansion?

Bearing in mind that hundreds of years of oral transmission and a non-enlightened priesthood certainly must have altered the original words of The Buddha to some extent, did he speak the truth about these cosmic subjects? If he spoke the truths about these subjects, what else is true in Buddhism back then and today? Is Buddhism understood in a non foolish way a good guide to a long term better future in areas that science has not evolved to describe yet? I think Jesus maybe is someone that maybe could hold one on the path of logic and science?

Here is some Buddhist multimedia with Bhikkhu Bodhi:
Videos with bhikkhu Bodhi.
Audio talks mostly about the Majjhima Nikaya with bhikkhu Bodhi
M0034_MN-027: MN 27: Culahatthipadopama Sutta (concluded) A lot about Buddhist Cosmology.
M0023_SN-15: SN 15: Anatamaggasamyutta Sutta — Beginningless samsara
Talk with even more about the cosmic background of the Buddhist teaching.

Audio talks with Geshe Michael Roach Many talks on Buddhism with the first American Geshe.


This is a Podcast from CERN with Dr. Brian Cox and The Very Reverend Victor Stock: CERN Podcast | Science and Religion

Is evolution to higher levels of being not the same as spiritual progress? Is it like when small mammals evolve to humans?

Evolution in religions

I think that the gods defined as the highest in cultures that are pictured in a statue or in a picture are mythological characters.

There are many formless Gods which are rather high Gods in Buddhism. I think that the real views of a real formless God are not defined as some people claim to have done already. Only 1 formless God are described in the texts defining his views and I think it is very unlikely that they skip all the other formless Gods not even mentioning them and then proceed to define the views of the highest among maybe infinitely many formless Gods.

Is it not impossible to know the views of any being whose state of insight is beyond the human state? Should that alone not make one realize that it is simply not possible to truthfully claim that one knows views of beings beyond the human state less the ultimate views? Like for instance a mouse can not know the state of a university professor?

As the Milgram experiment show, most people obey authorities and are willing to severely punish others if told so by an authority, if the highest authority is then perceived to have violent and destructive qualities I think it will lead lower states of existence.

On other planets or in other dimensions beings must have evolved far beyond the human state. If anyone knows much more than ordinary people it must be such beings. True religious insight for humans should be how much of such knowledge one have.

"I have no doubt that in reality the future will be vastly more surprising than anything I can imagine. Now my own suspicion is that the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose."
J. B. S. Haldane           

The claim that one speaks for God and therefore by definition expresses the highest truth is rarely true if ever.

I think religion should try to confirm their views using the scientific method, and where there are views that most likely can't be true then try to make some better views. In this video we learn how mice develop a false view when they don't use the scientific method, which they can't, when there is a delay between a causing action and the result.
YouTube - Life, Concepts and Issues: Life Sciences 15, Course 1

I think that in many religious rituals people are reacting the same way as these mouse but with the difference that the people don't know what the result will be.

The above though does not necessarily mean that religiousness is all irrelevant. Some religiousness could be needed to make assumptions for science to test later, even though not called religiousness.

Mark 4:21-25
"For nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret, but that it would come to light".

Quantum mechanics also states that information cannot be destroyed, but seems to be lacking the part about the revealing of the information.

This from the Gospel of Thomas seems also to possibly describe evolution: (29) Jesus said : "If the flesh came into being for the sake of the spirit, it is a wonder. But if the spirit came into being for the sake of the body, it is a wonder of wonders. Indeed, I marvel at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty."

Can you remember a life long ago when you as a primate had a short vision of a human life later to come true? That potential in that primate has maybe grown and has maybe not been destroyed, if you now is a or that human. Well I admit to be sure about such memories is maybe not scientifically possible yet.

Might it in general be true that dreams and desires can be projected into the future and come true if they somehow survive somewhere? If so when and how often does that occur, always eventually? YouTube - Olivia Newton John magic 1980 video

In Matt 7:8 Jesus says: "For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." So it may be that the desires of people and animals come true eventually that a desire that is hidden maybe forgotten or not will become a reality sooner or later. Then that may give new desires and so forth and so on. It could then be very important indeed what one desires.

Believers in scientism often jokingly say that they will believe when a God particle is discovered. May the progress of science one day reveal that every elementary particle is a God particle, that every elementary particle contains all information and that this information cannot be destroyed and is destined to grow to knowledge far beyond the knowledge of humans today? Does evolution also in some unknown way also work on elementary particles? Is the evolution of elementary particles a very very slow process?

Now is it possible that small things can mean a lot? Jesus says: Matthew 13: 31-32: "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all your seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches."

This was said 2000 years ago and what have we found out and experience today? The world as we know it has already been transformed by the knowledge of the very small. Without knowledge of quantum mechanics we would have no electronics and computers and no internet. Without internet and computers we would have no information superhighway and progress in molecular biology, that I think have the potential to really transform the world, would not have been possible. The most expensive physics experiment ever, the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will study the smallest most short-lived phenomenon possible. Why use so much money on that? Because it is recognised that the knowledge gained here has the potential to and I think will transform the world, even more than hitherto. Knowledge of the very small has already made the understanding of the universe much more comprehensive than otherwise possible. Many physicists think that the entire visible universe around the beginning of our cosmic expansion had a size less that a proton and a mass close to or exactly zero. So the entire visible universe may have had the smallest seed investigated by science ever. Now it seems that the very small and knowledge about the very small indeed may be the most important to know in detail about. Is the seed of The Kingdom of heaven even more influential or just included in the seed of the universe? The drive toward the understanding of the Big Bang and the seed of the universe (and maybe meditation too) may give some answers, but it so far seems that Jesus may not have been entirely irrelevant. Is it really likely it is just a coincidence that he talks about the smallest of all seeds giving the most profound result, possibly even more profound than so far realised by most today? It could seem not just a coincidence.

It may be good to know the content of the Gospels of Jesus Christ even though he might have had some wrong views including the wrong view that the world was about to end or did he? Is the change being brought about by science and the exponential growth in computer power and in the power to sequence and synthesize DNA in molecular biology what will bring about the new Earth? Is this the End Times that then is not an apocalyptic period?

It could appear that Jesus did not mean that because the early Christians expected the end times in their lifetime and so Jesus have maybe not have given information about the end times 2000 years or later ahead to them. If he knew would it then not have been the best to tell them? In the Matthew's Gospel, Chapter 24, Verse 36, Christ is quoted as saying: "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." Why did so many early Christians believe that The End Times was near?

The supernatural miracles of Jesus I think are all superstition. I do not think that Jesus could walk on water, resurrect the dead, make blind people see and so on and so forth. I don't think that he was resurrected in the physical body either, but perhaps as a spirit. I think that he may have been a man with more insight in other dimensions, heavens and hells and what can be important in spirituality though limited in some ways. The Son Of God title he bears is probably to be understood as meaning one of the beings that God communicates with. God meaning perhaps not the highest being, but a being far beyond humans never the less. I think that in the days of Jesus no one could raise the dead or cure physical disabilities by just wishing them to go away, like it still is today.

It in fact seems that non of the people called a prophet have described the future we now have in much detail. Non of them have for instance predicted cars, aeroplanes, computers and the internet to my knowledge. Neither does it seems possible to describe the inventions of next 500 years with great clarity from religious scriptures. Advanced Aliens would probably have been able to do that if not else then because they have records of similar events on many other planets. Higher beings than these Aliens should due to evolution exist and should be even more knowing than these Aliens, so it could appear that no prophet have had full access to the highest being or that they have not received their information from the highest being.

I think that the Heavenly Father of Jesus if he indeed exists might be an advanced God/Alien/Angel that may be much much cleverer than humans, incredible mysterious and might lift the downtrodden in the human world with good qualities to heavens beyond any Earthly comparison. Despite of that he may never the less not the absolute highest power.

It could be true that the influence of the Heavenly Father of Jesus or other so-called supreme Gods of those that exist if any could decrease many light years from the Earth. Elsewhere in the universe there could maybe be similar powerful and important beings if such beings exists.

I think a goal could be to be in a learning relationship with the most long term beneficial Alien(s)/Angel(s)/God(s) possible and not to claim it is the highest God(s)/Angel(s)/Alien(s) one is in a learning relationship with. To preserve truth one should not make such a claim I think.

I could be really relevant to explore a relationship with as high Gods as possible. It however seems that all claims that a superior religion already exists are questionable. I think that beings that know more about long term beneficial truth will come later on the Earth and elsewhere as evolution progresses. It seems better to say that no religion is absolutely literally or elsewhere true in all ways than to try to accept what is not all true in order to avoid conflict. I do not think one should be an atheist at all, but acknowledge that all humans know so far is limited and that it really is possible to arrive at a better understanding than at the present. The direct calls for arms for religious reasons often seems a way down rather than up.

A real God with extensive powers and knowledge is maybe what we will call good to the core since such a God could cause great destruction but that does not seems to happen. So if there are such Gods and they know about Earth maybe they are good beyond human standards.

I do though also think that some values that are not Christian are presented as they are.

I can say that I think the Gospels of Jesus Christ sometimes seems some of the most astonishing reading I know of. I will recommend to read them since it may be some of the greatest literature ever written, I though do not recommend not to read anything else since true and good knowledge may come in several forms.

The Gospel Of Thomas may shock you:
The Gospel of (according to) Thomas

BibleGateway.com: A searchable online Bible in over 100 versions and 50 languages.

I think that reincarnation is not total foreign to Christianity. I do not think that any person in their right mind would call the Highwaymen for fools and in their top hit Highwayman a Christian type of reincarnation may be described: Youtube - The Highwaymen live 1990 Nassau Coliseum - part 1 So maybe Buddhist cosmology interpreted correctly can be true.

Gods - Angels - Aliens

Is there some real beings that inspired the Greek Gods or the Roman Gods although definitely not the same as worshipped, but simply beings more powerful, with better values and a much more developed scientific understanding than humans? I hope there are beings with a morality and strength that exceeds that of humans. Could it not be good to seek out the nature such beings to help lifting one up to a higher evolutionary level and learn from there and so on?

Plato's Republic is the start of political philosophy and many great thinkers have contributed to the field. Though the great thinkers don't agree on even fundamental subjects I think we can find good ideas about government here. Better than the ideas religious fundamentalists say are from the most supreme being and are without error of any kind.

Are Aliens more evolved than humans in some cases been described as Gods or Angels? Maybe interstellar and inter-dimensional travel is not that far away in the future even for beings evolved from humans?

I do not believe the claim that religious fundamentalists sometimes make that they represent and say the highest truth because it is written in a book containing no errors about the supreme being. I don't believe it because it is often quite untrue what has been claimed like that, better not to think to much about lies that are claimed to be the highest truth, but one should know enough not to be fooled.

I will also say that many scriptures claimed to be the absolute highest truth are completely lacking in scientific information I find valuable.

Since the laws of physics seem to be the same in the visible universe there might be a "being" a cosmic dreamer that in our framework can be described as having a life span longer than the age of the universe and dreaming a dream as varied as all the events in the universe that are most likely much bigger than the visible universe, maybe spanning many many realms in other dimensions with other physical laws too. I though do really not believe that the all of that God is or have been known consciously by prophets though they may be claimed to be without errors, but I am nearly sure that such claims are actually boasting, inflating ones own significance with hot air.

I think there at present is no way to tell if there is 1 being that is the absolute most supreme for ever and ever. There could maybe be many many beings partaking in an ongoing dream on the stage of the worlds that dream a collective dream where they deep in the unconscious agree on the rules of the game, which in part is the known physical laws in the particular universe where the dream happens and influence each other in a play with no single being that are much more than all the other beings. The levels of the beings could be like in a triangular distribution where there are more of the lower and less of the higher but where there is no single being permanently at the top and there could be many other scenarios as well. But I will say that the idea of a somewhat cruel or good ultimate dictator with animal or higher qualities, that seems to be the God in some monotheistic circles don't ring true to me. Likewise the claim that the most supreme teaching possible for all human like beings and maybe also higher beings now and in the future on all planets in the universe from the most supreme being in all eternity are commands and recommendations related to living the ordinary household life in a way that resembles the way some householders lived it in a particular place hundreds or thousands of years ago on Earth, don't ring true to me either.

The claim that it is impossible for anyone ever and maybe also higher beings in all places, to come up with any ideas that are better and contradicts hundreds or thousands of years old teachings from a postulated supreme being, for the situations these old teachings are supposed to were given, for instance about stoning, amputations, death penalties, allowed stealing, tribal warfare with killings, slave taking, allowed plundering and sex with female prisoners of war, is a false claim I think.

To me real religion is to permanently evolve to higher levels of insight and being, it to me seem that the opposite of that is sometimes called religion.

This Star Trek episode somehow describes the degeneration an addictive mind game can cause on a previous superior culture if allowed to spread: TNG: The Game In the case of pleasant addictive but inferior and false religious and other views the cure may not be so fast as in that episode but I think that exposure to freedom of information can cure some in a few years. However after some inferior religious and other views have been dispelled, there still may be a long road ahead to grow, dispelling all other false views and gaining right views as suggested in Buddhism.

In Christianity it is not necessarily like that, there is the view that the heavenly father lives in all people and I think also in animals, therefore he can work through them. This can make freedom of information a Christian value. Jesus neither never to my knowledge in the Gospels proscribe any of the above barbaric practises, and the whole truth is not described in the Gospels but are to be given by the Holy Spirit later, so this leaves room for the process I call real religion with is permanent evolution to higher levels. Most evolution to higher levels are maybe not permanent but some is I hope. The progress by the scientific method, done in a right way can to me be real religion. Matt 25: 31-46

I really think that much of what is claimed to be from God simply are fantasies humans have had and have, and maybe some religious teachers are taking advantage of peoples simplicity.

I think that there maybe are several maybe infinitely many beings, more merciful and powerful than any being described to be the highest in any book on Earth. Can they create a universe too? Not sure but perhaps, why not?

I am in favour of a dynamic scenario where beings can change their position according to their deeds, and where an escape from the whole big mass of suffering to a Nirvana is possible for all beings, and where one does not forever have to live under the supervision of a single being, being at the mercy of that particular being.

Regarding atheism I think that the notion that there is no life after death can be a very degrading one. Atheist dictatorships are often the most murderous ones. The notion that there is a life after death and that the actions in the Earthly life will influence that life and maybe later lives on Earth is a valuable notion I think. However the laws of karma I hope is a justice that can be more just than Earthly justice. According to atheism one can kill and torture thousands and learn others to do the same with absolutely no negative consequences after death and one can instruct others to a path of truth to long lasting prosperity and be generous and gentle and expect absolutely no positive consequences after death, and that will also be impossible according to atheism, but I think that it in reality may not be impossible. I therefore believe that atheism may have many a dangerous views and can lead to a lot of long lasting suffering for many and no effort, to achieve long time prosperity for oneself and others.

Faster evolving life - The book: Dragon's Egg by Robert L. Forward

I leaned about that book in this lecture: Astronomy - MTU PH1600 - Lecture #24: Are we alone? and have now read it. It's an interesting and cool book that uses real physics.

Are there places where life evolves much faster than places usually considered, for instance on a neutron star? I quote from the book Dragon's Egg: "Since the Nuclear compounds utilized the strong nuclear interaction instead of the weak electronic forces that were used on Earth they worked at nuclear speeds instead of molecular speeds. Millions of of nuclear chemical combinations were tried each microsecond instead of few per microsecond, as on Earth. Finally, in one fateful trillionth of a second, a nuclear compound was formed that had two very important properties: it was stable, and it could make a copy of itself. Life has come to the crust of the neutron star." On the neutron star the beings live 1 million times faster than on Earth and evolution happens much faster.

If life using nuclear chemistry have evolved on 1 on the first neutron stars in the Universe 1 billion years after the Big Bang can it have evolved the equivalent of 1e6 * 1e10 = 1e16 = Earth years by now?

Evolution the work of The Holy Spirit?

John 16: The Work of the Holy Spirit

5"Now I am going to him who sent me, yet none of you asks me, 'Where are you going?' 6 Because I have said these things, you are filled with grief. 7 But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. 8 When he comes, he will convict the world of guilt[a] in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment: 9 in regard to sin, because men do not believe in me; 10 in regard to righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see me no longer; 11 and in regard to judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned. 12 "I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. 14 He will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. 15 All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.

Is that not to say that some form of evolution goes on after the New Testament is written that is not described in detail in the New Testament because it is to be told later by the Spirit of truth?

Are Aliens hostile and will they subjugate humanity?

Within 100 years or so humanity will probably detect life on other planets if it is in a solar system visible from Earth in the Milky way I will think. So if more advanced aliens are out there they pretty surely knows about us already. If they also have the capability of inter-dimensional and faster than light travel as humans may have within 1000 years they could already subjugate us if they wanted. Is the relationship between Aliens and humans like that of humans and animals? Maybe the inability to escape temptation and suffer the consequences is like when a deer is caught in the hunters trap and the hunter can do with it as he wants. Are some bad Aliens already subjugating us like that as in the Nivapa Sutta? Are there other Aliens helping not closing down the doors to higher truths for people?

The animals

The animals have no human rights. What will happen when a pig or a monkey can be transformed to a human with a brain better than that of the most intelligent humans today, and a body more beautiful than the most beautiful human bodies today? What will they say if they than can say anything? It will be possible by the use of molecular biology. The animals have that potential. Will they then be a human or something even more or what? Flowers have evolved to attract pollinating insects like bees for instance. Have such tiny insects a sense of aesthetics like that of humans even when they have such tiny brains and facet eyes and what then about higher animals? What about the beautiful feathers or colours on some animals, are they not also produced by a sense of aesthetics in the that make the selection for the next generation? Are animals treated in a way being suitable to their intrinsic worth? Do human societies degrade themselves by degrading animals?

Freedom of expression

The best environment for finding out more of the truth seems to be where there is freedom of expression. The influence of freedom of expression is now even more detectable, after the creation of the internet. I think that there should be freedom of expression since it in our state of limited knowlegde it is impossible to ban only the bad and allow only the good. Is this what Jesus said in The Parable of the Weeds: Matthew 13, 24-29?

Another angle: One can't know the nature of a tree before knowing the fruits it produce and that may take some time. Like Jesus says in Matthew 12:33 "Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit."

No one knows in advance what the best basic science results will be. If a person consistently could spot the most successful business start ups, that person could be the richest man in the world, but no one can, and no one can spot the all the good and bad ideas in advance.

Tyrants oppress freedom of expression to consolidate their power and the result is that evolution to higher levels is slowed down, halted or reversed where the oppression is successful.

James Randi

It is noteworthy that the 1.000.000$ prize offered by the James Randi Educational foundation to anyone who can show under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event, has not been claimed at this point since the challenge has been open since 1964.

Proper scientific tests should be possible to pass some day if a view is true.

I though think that there may be proof of the paranormal anyway.

But there are though a lot of fools and frauds in the paranormal field and it is good that they are debunked.

The Golden Rule

Matthew 7:12-14 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. 13 "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Mark 4:24 "Consider carefully what you hear," he continued. "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you--and even more."

I think that Buddhism teach that the inhabitants in the worlds one gets into at a later time tend to deal with oneself, as oneself has previously been dealing with others. Is the Karma law not about the golden rule? After death the many effects of ones karma struggle to influence the next life but not all will be the winner. Perhaps like when a human egg is fertilized by only one of the many sperms competing. The karmas that do not come to be overriding then come to have a supporting or destructive role in the setting of the next life.

The paranormal

Has proof been found for the paranormal. I feel different moods depending on where I am. Is this only because of the input of the senses? Well I haven't gotten the proof of that. I have at this point not yet ruled out that there can be influences beyond the 5 senses.

Has Rupert Sheldrake found proof of the paranormal? Rupert Sheldrake: Telephone Telepathy
The Extended Mind' Rupert-Sheldrake New 2005 Paranormal Experimental Evidence

Has The Global Consciousness Project found proof of the paranormal?
Global Consciousness Project (GCP)
Das Global Consciousness Project - in English

In relation to that project I would suggest to but a lot of random number generators in a 3-dimensional grid that are isolated in all known ways from each other to see whether the random numbers from them are correlated in some way that can not be scientifically explained. Maybe one can cool them down to enhance an unknown contribution to the thermal noise. One could also experiment my having persons close to that grid, to see whether a person can make some correlations between the random number generators that can not be explained. Does the brain in some way receive signals from the mind like these random number generators? Maybe science could find out.

It is obvious that the brain has a lot to say in what is experienced (YouTube - Mapping Memory in the Brain ), like the lives of Henry Gustav Molaison and Clive Wearing, that shows that without the hippocampus there are no or very little ability to form conscious long time memories. Now how would life be without any brain at all? Could an experiment be designed to give new insights, that first stops all electrical activity in the brain for some time and then restart all that activity suddenly? Could that perhaps even give memories of an existence without a brain? Could molecules that block all neurotransmitters that can be removed instantly later, be injected? Could a period with no brain activity followed by a sudden restart give new information?

If we could cool down the body to put it in stasis, maybe with antifreeze injected in it, how long after could the person be reviewed? Could that period be extended indefinitely as long as no physical damage to the body has occurred? If one can be reviewed after a long time in stasis without any brain activity then it could appear that one has not been anywhere else and so, would not be so either after death, or is there an unknown extra ingredient that are necessary for life that can go elsewhere and so make it impossible to revive the person even though no physical damage have occurred?

I am rather unconvinced that a lot of calculations like in a computer model of the brain can produce any consciousness at all. The extra ingredient that are not calculations could maybe also be a part of the brain an so be destroyed after death but I really do not think that science can say definitely yet.

UFOs, cropcircles etc. etc. and pseudoscience

Had there really been any UFOs that were Alien spacecraft I guess there would have been at least a single genuine photograph or at least a single piece of physical evidence, but it does not appear that there is. I think that Crop circles are made by humans. Aliens may observe Earth but they seem to be invisible all the time. I don't think that Homoeopathy and many other alternative medical methods are working. Some of the practitioners may believe in it but I will say that good intentions backed by real scientific evidence is better and has a much better potential to evolve than pseudo good intentions based on false information.

I have seen a lot of paranormal claims that are presented as truth but really seems false. So the sceptic community is correct in many cases, but maybe not in all.

Hardware - Software

This show does a rather good job in demystifying technology and I watch all episodes: Lab Rats - butterscotch

Science Fiction

I have seen nearly all episodes of Star Trek TOS and TNG. Here are often some live Star Trek streams: Live Channels - Entertainment - Sci Fi - English

I though believe and hope that the real future will be more fantastic than we can imagine today.
That is for those that do not degenerate to levels too low to experience that future if able to observe it.



Astronomy has developed some since I first knew about it in the 1960's and 1970's. Sometimes I think that fortunately more than I hoped for have happened. There are now some other things I wish to happen in astronomy hopefully even better things will happen again. There are now many university astronomy courses online: Here I link to 3 i found on Itunes. I have seen the most of the Lectures from MTU:
Michigan Technological University > Physics PH1600 Lectures - Introductory Astronomy

The next lecture series gives a good account of the history of astronomy and also gives a touching account of Giordano Bruno that was burnt at the stake for heresy, in lecture 8 and 9. He for instance 1584 wrote in: On the Infinite Universe and Worlds:

"There are then innumerable suns, and an infinite number of earths revolve around those suns, just as the seven we can observe revolve around this sun which is close to us."
"It is impossible that a rational being fairly vigilant, can imagine that these innumerable worlds, manifest as like to our own or yet more magnificent, should be destitute of similar and even superior inhabitants"

This lecture series definitely have made many many things I have read about in books long ago more understandable.
Missouri State University AST 114: Survey of Astronomy

The Astronomy cast is one the best source I know for information about astronomy I know.

Here are some others that are about the latest events: Hubblecast and the YouTube - ESOobservatory's Channel podcasts. I watch them in Itunes. Also Nasa have some podcasts in Itunes.

The Kepler Space Telescope

Nasa expects to find up to a few hundred Earth like planets within the next 3 years with the Kepler space telescope. When the frequency of Earth like planets are known, then later an effort can be made to take spectra of close Earth like planets for example by flying a big screen thousands of kilometres from the James Webb Space Telescope to block out the light from the Earth like planets star. Then it can be determined if a chemical imbalance that could be sustained by life exists in the atmosphere of Earth like planets.
YouTube - NASA Kepler News Conference 080609

If lots of life are found on Earth like planets then maybe some of that life have evolved beyond the human state in millions of years. If contact is made in some way would that higher evolved life be like Gods beyond what has been imagined so far?

Other dimensions

There is in modern physics a lot of mathematical work concerning other dimension that in some ways gives the best mathematical formulation in physics. There is though still little experimental proof and the theory of other dimensions is probably far from finished. I am reading this book by professor of physics Lisa Randall about the subject: Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe's Hidden Dimensions

I think that Lisa Randall and others say that that there can be other dimensions that are not curled up but can be of infinite size, that there can be more than 11 dimensions and that the number of extra dimensions are not know yet. Maybe the LHC in CERN will give experimental indications about other dimensions. It is now probably as before not possible to develop correct physics to far ahead of the experimental measurements to point in the correct direction, but the whole idea of vibrating branes may be true. Maybe if we had a more open mind and higher intelligence we could precede faster but it may still be some years off before science in detail will describe parallel universe where we can live after death and that are populated now, but if and when it happens we will probably be on solid ground compared to now in these matters.
YouTube - Parallel Universes [4/5]
As nearly always it is better to learn it from the competent scientist herself:
Charlie Rose - Lisa Randall / Edward O. Wilson
Does living beings after death in the 3 dimensions we know spontaneously reappear in another world among many as stated in Buddhism?

Are the mass and all other conserved quantities of the universe zero?

The inflationary theory of the universe by Professor Allan Guth from MIT, states that the universe we now see, can have started as a tiny spec maybe the size of 1 billionth of a proton. The entire mass of the universe in the inflationary model of the universe can be maybe 1 gram or exactly zero. This is because the mass density in the inflationary phase remains constant. This does not violate conservation of energy since the positive mass of the matter in the universe corresponds to an equal amount of negative energy from the gravitational field. Here are 2 videos where Allan Guth himself explains this.
Lec 5 | MIT 8.224 Exploring Black Holes
Cosmic Inflation and the Accelerating Universe - Part 1
Furthermore physicists today as explained in, Lec 5 | MIT 8.224 Exploring Black Holes, believes that all the conserved quantities, such as charge, angular moment etc., for the entire universe are zero. According to my extremely limited understanding of quantum mechanics there are an infinite number of different conserved quantities. Can the entire universe maybe have been caused by all the information from all the previous eons of cosmic expansion and contraction reduced to seeds of nothing in nothingness? Is this zeroness for the universe in science related to nothingness in Buddhism? Is the entire universe an illusion?

If all conserved quantities of the universe are zero then at the time of maximum contraction of the universe the carriers of all conserved quantities might have cancelled out and nothing may have existed. Would the uncertainty principle though make the conserved quantities non zero at particular times and places and would an expansion freeze these non zero states out? I unfortunately don't know enough of quantum physics to say, and what about the influence of the higher realms where living beings can survive the Big Bounce in Buddhism?

Is the world a 2 dimensional hologram?

Research in black holes indicates that the maximum information content in a black hole does not increase proportional to the volume of the black hole but proportional to the area of the event horizon of the black hole. More in this video: FORA.tv - Leonard Susskind - The Black Hole War

Leonard Susskind's book: The Black Hole War: My Battle with Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics will probably say more and I am planning to read that book.

Maybe the world indeed is a hologram that the witness in us observe while being lost in the situation, well someone may one day give a true and insightful scientific description about this.

BOINC and Folding@home

BOINC Use the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy. Like I do.
My BOINC stats
My Folding@home stats User 1
My Folding@home stats User 2 Where I use 2 Nvidia GTX 460 GPUs. Performing 1246 GFLOPS peak according to the BOINC manager.

Here is a video showing what rosetta@home for instance looks like and there are links to other videos about BOINC in that videos suggestions:

Here are 2 videos I made about running distributed computing:
LHC@home 2.0, Test4Theory - YouTube
Folding@home on a NVIDIA 9600GT GPU - YouTube

Is distributed computing one of the most important subjects in computing?
You know I think, I can maybe feel that my intelligence and contribution to the future are improving by running BOINC and Folding@home.

Molecular biology

Molecular biology seems to promise some great progress in the future, it seems that there is exponential growth in the speed of sequencing DNA as well as in the length of synthetic DNA pieces. Now Craig Venter and his team have manufactured a synthetic DNA piece of 580000 base pairs and are so in the process of creating the first synthetic living bacteria.

It will not so many years into the future be possible to synthesize DNA pieces the length of all the Human chromosomes, when this happens it should also be possible to create human DNA sequences from scratch from files in a computer.

By sequencing many peoples DNA, maybe 1.000.000, one could for instance for each person sequenced arrange that data in a spreadsheet so that every gene variation and all gene regulation is on one axis and so that all relevant data about the life of the person in question like education, medical history, desired qualities and so on is on the other axis. After that a computer could with these 1.000.000 spreadsheets 1 for each person decode much about what each part of the genome is responsible for. Then we will have a good working dataset to design DNA that would produce individuals with desired qualities, put in a fertilized egg cell with its own DNA removed.

However I think one could have reverence for the many generations that have lived toiled, suffered and enjoyed life to produce the natural DNA we now have, however could we not honour these ancestors more by taking off maybe taking some of them with us to higher levels, than insisting on staying the present level of evolution?

Later it may be possible to modify already living peoples bodies in a direction they desire, this may take longer due to added complexity of changing many cells DNA and its regulation instead of only 1.

Could it also be possible in some way to project the consciousness permanently into another body like in the movie Avatar?

Maybe we can in the not so far future eliminate death by biological causes.

There is also now the field of creating high level programming languages for constructing DNA that does a particular task in bacteria. This field may also one day apply to creating human bodies.

Drew Endy has some videos where he explains this field. Here is one:
24C3 - Programming DNA - #2329

There are many other fields in molecular biology and I have heard that they are dependent of Moore's law for computers to continue to make exponential progress.

I am looking forward to a day when humanity is being freed by dependence of the slow natural evolution to shape their bodies and the need to have vast numbers of humans suffer from harmful mutations in that slow process. When we get full control of the DNA we carry, very fast evolution governed by thought could progress toward a better understanding of truth since we could get better health, brains and live longer. Let's just hope that misuse of such an advanced technology will be prevented. The possibility of reversing changes to our current natural developed bodies should still be a choice for a period since that will in some way guard against doing something regrettable.

A good understanding of the workings of the human nervous system may also one day make it possible to create synthetic bodies with no DNA involved that are even better than the ones obtainable by the use of DNA.

A lot of what I have learned about molecular biology and biology I have learned from these really good lectures by some of the most competent researchers themselves to high school students and all that watch on many subjects, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute: HHMI's BioInteractive - Lecture Series and Informal Talks

These lectures are really good and for those interested in the subject, I recommend to give these lectures a try by watching some or all of them.


I think that a part of the reason for aging has an analogy in computer operating systems and other computer programs. Windows 95 crashed rather often because of the very large number of combinations of values in variables that could not all be tested during testing. The genes also have many different regulatory sites and the number of combinations of states of regulatory regions is likewise astronomical.

Windows XP crashes much less often than Windows 95 because Microsoft has improved the operating system. In this analogy animal genomes are like Windows 95.

What did and do we do when a computer becomes unreliable or crashes? We turn it off and turn it on again (or we uninstall and reinstall the program causing problems). This is an analogy for a new animal being created from 1 cell after conception.

To reboot is much easier that to develop Windows XP from Windows 95 so evolution may have chosen to reboot the genome rather than to create very long lived individuals, because it is a much simpler. We care but the genome does not. Now even Windows XP needs to reboot now and then or need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. It is very difficult to restore an operating system that does not work properly without rebooting. So it may be really difficult to cure aging completely by restoring the regulation of genes in each and every cell to an optimal state of youth. Perhaps an easier internal reboot can take place so all cells in the body get replaced with new cells with genes that are regulated as when we where young?

It seems obvious that aging is not primarily caused by mutations in the genome itself. If that where so, would the next generations then not age more quickly than the previous one, since the age causing mutations would be very unlikely to be reversed by chance? The only way in the wild would be by natural selection but we don't see populations without natural selection age that much faster in the next generations. I don't think that the cells and cell divisions from a gamete to the gametes in the next generation has a much slower mutation rate than anywhere else in the organism, if that where so, would we not expect selection pressure to give all other cells a similar low mutation rate because of disadvantageous nature of the average mutation? Natural selection are not able to work on mutations not in the gametes since they are random in each body cell and passes no information to the next generations. It therefore seems to be disadvantageous to have a higher mutation rate in non gamete cells because of the disadvantageous nature of the average mutation. And sometimes few or a series of disastrous mutations in 1 cell can lead to cancer and death. So it seems to benefit the survival of the organism if the mutation rate in non gamete cells is as low as possible.

Maybe the fastest way to eternal youth could be to learn and emulate the secrets of these immortal worms: Neverending DNA and Immortal Worms

The binding problem for the brain

Some scientists claim that a thought in the brain seems to arise many places simultaneously. If this is true it is not possible to explain using the known physical laws. A computer program has a sequential set of instructions that guides the flow of the program directed from the CPU. Build a computer model of a brain with all the neurons and the synapses modelled. Nothing like the structured behaviour of the brain would occur I suspect. Where does the structure and ability to tackle new problems come from? Maybe it comes from karma, angels/aliens, Brahmas, from other places in ones higher dimensional body or somewhere else. Investigation into this may be a way to show that there are more than just simple particles and forces to the workings of the brain and find out what that more is?


A Candle's Dream

In the deep dark of night, a candle was crying.
She shone through the dusk, while ardently trying
With tears and with work, to bring back the brightness of day.
She was melting, but time never goes in the opposite way.
It was not her fate to see morning light.
It was not her fate to make day out of night.
Yet still, she warmed the darkness with her passionate gleam,
While burning down, she held the faith in a beautiful dream.

By Alexandra Kosteniuk 01.30.2001

A related short story by Hans Christian Andersen: The Little Match Girl

The Brahmas

I do not whether this section was generated solely by my brain or whether it actually contains some real information. But I will add it here to share it with the world because I have found so very little elsewhere about the subject. I hope the matter will be investigated scientifically one day by someone if there is something to it.

I have maybe observed a Brahma once nearly 30 years ago and not again since then. This experienced happened after I had been observing my self in a labyrinth in my head that sort of dissolved away probably loosing some of the intensity of the experience.

I will hope to get to know more about this subject but I have found very little in the literature so I write about that experience of mine to share it with the world. I do not say that this section about the Brahmas is all true and that I am sure it was a Brahma I observed. I can unfortunately not rule out that the experience was generated by my brain or mind without being actually true, but I may say that it was a most miraculous experience, though not physical miraculous. I will try to put into words what I have felt and thought about that experience nearly 30 years ago.

Later I discovered that in the Samyutta Nikya 6.583 both a Brahma and Brahma Subrahma make many transformations of themselves, thereby displaying their might and power.

Now is it so that Brahmas make transformations of themselves all the time and that the more accurately one observes a Brahma the faster these transformations seems to occur after each other? Is it so that the essence of 1 moment in these transformations contains the information of the essence of 1 person? Like a persons essence is like a snapshot of these transformations. Is it so that a human who observes these transformations can not predict the next, always most astounding miraculous transformation to follow, at the astounding pace and volume they happen in? Is a snapshot of the state the Brahma is in after a transformation often or always a completely new state never seen before, so that the Brahma nearly always or always is in a new state never seen before? Is every transformation of a Brahma like a death and rebirth experience on a cosmic inter-dimensional arena? Does this show that a Brahma has gigantic courage far beyond that of men? Does each transformation seem to be an expression of what humans can call love leading the life forms below that Brahma in a Devine influenced way, those close to the Brahma more and those more below the Brahma less? May the essence of 1 person be beyond logical description and may the transformations the Brahmas do be likewise beyond logical description? If that is so then we may conclude that there will never be a robot solely controlled by logical processes that in reality can rival the human or the animal mind since any such robot can not have any internal workings that are beyond logic, that are influenced by a Brahma.

Here: Teacher of the Devas Susan Elbaum Jootla quotes Ledi Sayadaw: He states that although Maha Brahma can perform all sorts of transformations, he cannot actually create independent creatures, change the kammic law of cause and effect, or keep anyone from growing old or dying. Brahma can use his special powers to transport a man to the Brahma plane for a short visit, but he cannot ensure that someone will be reborn there.

There is also an account of what happens to living beings before, during and after the Big Bounce of the universe, mostly from the Brahmajala Sutta.

Regarding curing old age I will say that humans will eventually learn to cure old age using molecular biology, perhaps by transforming the DNA and its regulation in each body cell. A Brahmas transformations and knowledge most definitely seems beyond that. But what we might lack to be like the Brahma is to be able to die and get reborn to something new every moment on a cosmic inter-dimensional arena?

Can the Buddha have been beyond such a Brahma? I am unconvinced of that. I expect (not being sure though) there to be realms beyond the Brahma realms as I think it is in Buddhism. But I am not sure that the Brahmas are not aware of that if it is so.

ELO - Secret messages
E L O Secret Messages (High Quality)

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