Created May 2. 2012. Updated November 28. 2012

To the Liberals

People should be free to do what they want with their own life. Society should be deregulated from rules.

The tax should be one flat tax rate and it should be low. As many functions as possible should be given to private companies.

If China in 1949 had become liberal instead of communist, China would had a real possibility to be like the Tiger economies and contribute to the scientific and technological development of the world.

We see today the harm of government regulation and high tax in Europe.

The US has despite fewer in population been able to outpace Europe in innovation, look for instance at the development of the internet.

Some of the tiger economies like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan could maybe seem to outpace the US in terms of contribution to the progress of science and technology given their IT industries in terms of contribution per citizen, they are liberal economies and have a high growth rate and a tax rate below 20%.

Imagine if the USA, Europe, China and all the high IQ countries in world since 1950 had liberal systems with a tax rate of around 15% like in the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. With freedom of speech and liberal views also of drugs (Free drugs).

I also think that because of the restriction of drug use countries might have outlawed an entire scientific field that could have given valuable insights into the nature of a multidimensional universe or other now unknown valuable insights. Now we may have to wait for those insights. I here refer to the psychedelic mind altering drugs or maybe other drugs as well. Some significant research may have been in its beginning, by for instance Stanislav Grof before it was outlawed. These laws banning drugs may have eliminated very valuable insights into that we now don't know what would have been. Imagine if computers had been outlawed in the 1970s? A field with even more potential in some ways may have been outlawed when mind altering drugs were been banned worldwide. Of course these drugs can be harmful too but let people themselves be the judge of when and not the government. Factual correct information is valuable and could be a government job to approve of, but I think it is not factual correct, that absolutely no good can come out of drug use, but that it depends on the circumstances.

The Big Bang is often pictured as galaxies on a balloon being blown up. Now if the flat Universe is on a very large (The universe seems flat) expanding 4D sphere what does that sphere contain? Just one example of where other dimensions could be.

We could maybe today have the technology of 2050 – 2100, because of the more people contributing to innovation and feeling their contribution valued. If the world had become liberal in 1950 as in the Tiger economies and the USA. I personally also would like to have seen legalization of mind altering drugs too. With low tax rate private institutions could have been formed to limit harmful consequences of these drugs.

Now does that not make it visible how contrary to stated purpose socialism with high tax rate and heavy regulation imposed on people is.

If all the high IQ countries in Europe Asia and the USA instead had socialist systems since 1950. We would today have the technology of maybe 1960, depending on how socialist and regulated these countries would have been. God forbid.

Get rid of high taxes and over regulation and let people be free to find their way in free market systems.

Should state money be used it could be for infrastructure and schools that is not regulated and where there would be free choice for the parents to choose a school for their children.

The money should then go to the child and from the child to the school and not from the state to the school.

Medicine could be taken care of by obligatory health insurance with free choice of private hospital or doctor. And it should be illegal to drop coverage when someone gets sick because of technical details.

State money could also be used for non profit basic research like today in CERN and astronomy and like the human genome project.

State money should not be used to pay people so that they by not working get about same as working people. Welfare so be so little that people begin to work. There should only be 1 restricted welfare benefit and not many. No extra benefit for children and no extra if living in a big apartment.

Pensions should be private and charity should be private.

What about the low IQ countries? Well they would also benefit from growing liberal deregulated economies and not all have a low IQ in those countries and there is no known way to better the condition of the poor people anywhere than a free market economy. Just to send money and not making it possible for people themselves to better their lives will not work and is just like regulated socialism over once again.

If an organization today in 2012 said that a country should be banned from using all technology developed since 1960, that country would rebel against an enforcement of that. If an advanced alien race came and erased all information about any technology developed since 1960 in writing and in actual products but would let people retain their memory, that would not be agreed on by people but if the Aliens also erased all the peoples memories of how is was before, people would only disagree before the erasing. Socialists, Communists and dictatorial systems sow seeds that have the same effect as such aliens and many people don't disagree but are actually in favor, though not myself and others. Over regulation and high taxes have a similar effect given time on the world compared to deregulated liberal systems with low tax as seen in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and partly in the US, Japan and South Korea.

To make the damage sort complete the Aliens should also put in power a world government that would be either socialist, communist and/or dictatorial together with a deep seeded aversion against freedom. That would harm the progress of science and technology for a long time and the world would get further and further behind what it could have gotten, in terms of how many years technological and scientific results were delayed in appearing in the world.

The mechanism that accelerates technological innovation in liberal economies is easy seen. Many would replace the technology of today with the technology of the future if is was available. So there is a market for better technologies and the money can be made by the most innovative that can compare on prices. To be innovative you need a high IQ and to be able to compete on prices you need low taxes and no minimum salary. The most innovative people and venture capitalists can upscale the production of the products most technological ahead and demanded my the market if they are not taxed a lot. Workers would not get poor by no minimum wage because the employers would compete to hire the best qualified workers by offering more salary.

Such a system seems more fair than the rewarding of special services and money by virtue of backing by the state.

Should state money be used it could be to kick start new technologies like in CERN and in The Human genome project. That is in projects that simply initially are too expensive and where private patents would create to much monopoly and slow down progress instead of speeding it up.

Probably even better liberal systems in terms of growing the economy and scientific technological innovation than seen today can exist. I think something could happen when the DNA of people is synthesized from computer files giving the possibility of a higher IQ for those who would prefer that and when people can begin to transform their bodies inside out to what they want using technologies of Molecular biology. I don't think I will renounce such a technology if I live to see it.

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